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Which Lipstick Suits on Black Saree?

Which Lipstick Suits on Black Saree

For all the girls out there, black sarees are an unending infatuation. What better way to get the crowd’s attention than to wear it on freshers and farewell? Accessorizing tiny silver jewellery with a black saree is the nicest possible combo one can think of. With this eye-catching style, however, it becomes critical to wear […]

Can I Wear Saree Without Petticoat?

Can I Wear Saree Without PetticoatCan I Wear Saree Without Petticoat

Sarees have been worn by women for generations. They’ve developed out a variety of methods to drape the ancient robe in that period. Sarees come in a variety of materials and patterns, but can a saree be worn without a petticoat? A saree can be worn without a petticoat. While the bottom part of the […]

How to Drape a Saree in Marathi Style?

How to Drape a Saree in Marathi Style

The Maharashtrian saree drape, also known as the Nauvari saree drape, is one of the most prominent among regional drapes, having been featured not just in popular movies but also on the fashion runway. This saree has a unique sense of fun that sets it apart from other saree types. It accentuates the curvy shape, […]

How to Drape a Silk Saree Tightly?

How to Drape a Silk Saree Tightly

We can’t emphasis enough how silk sarees provide a whole new level of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. It oozes elegance and is perfect for any occasion. However, because it has a smooth texture and a difficult fabric, it is critical to drape it correctly to get an eye-catching appearance. So, what is the […]

How to Make Saree Border Designs?

How to Make Saree Border Designs

We’ve all heard it before: the pallu is the spirit of the saree, telling a certain tale. What about the saree’s border? The saree border defines the whole length of the saree, giving it a distinct appearance, making the saree’s colour more appealing, and the print more cohesive—indeed, the saree border is the only feature […]

How to Wear Cotton Saree in South Indian Style?

How to Wear Cotton Saree in South Indian Style

Cotton sarees are the most traditional kind of clothing in this area. Cotton was (and still is) favoured by the locals due to its great absorbency and breathability, making it an ideal fabric for the hot and humid climate of Tamil Nadu. Cotton sarees from Chettinad are recognised by their beautiful, woven appearance, which is […]

How to Wear a Saree in Pregnancy?

How to Wear a Saree in Pregnancy

This may be the final life path of all married women who are faced with the verdict of a belly bump, and therefore putting on a lot of weight. For some, excitement is overwhelming for a while until the belly begins to exhibit all the appropriate indications of development, and then comes the very tricky […]

What to Wear With Saree?

What to Wear With Saree

Trends are often enjoyable to include into your wardrobe, but nothing beats the exquisite beauty and craftsmanship of an ancient traditional garment like the saree, which you won’t find at Forever 21. There are infinite ways to add a spice of your unique style to the ethnic attire, whether you wear it with a belt, […]