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How to Look Lean in Saree?

How to Look Lean in Saree

Curvy bodies are attractive, but when combined with skin flab, they require a miracle! If you have to mingle while on your new diet, all you’ll be thinking about is how to appear skinny fast! You don’t have to wait for your exercise plan to show results thanks to the Indian saree’s oh-so-versatile characteristic. You […]

How to Wear Tummy Tucker Under Saree?

How to Wear Tummy Tucker Under Saree

Consider this: you’ve arranged a wonderful occasion. You want to appear your absolute best, so you choose “a Saree,” the ideal ethnic attire. You can’t go wrong with it, can you? You may have ignored the annoyances of wearing a conventional petticoat. Furthermore, if you want to seem thinner in that dress, you might try […]

How to Wear Tant Saree?

How to Wear Tant Saree

India is a country with a unique culture, and you may observe individuals dressed in a number of ways. The most popular outfit among all is the saree, which flatters every lady. Wearing sarees has changed a lot throughout the years. And why not? Saree is loved by everybody, from celebrities to designers to bloggers. […]

How to Wear Silk Saree in Flowing Style?

How to Wear Silk Saree in Flowing Style

Sarees are fashionable, beautiful, and versatile, and may be worn for both informal and formal situations. Wearing a saree is quite simple! To drape any sort of saree, you only need to know the proper saree-wearing technique. This post will teach you how to wear a saree properly. Understanding diverse types and drapes are the […]

How to Wear Saree with Pants?

How to Wear Saree with Pants

Flared trousers, churidaars, dhoti pants, and other cuts of trousers go well with sarees. For both weddings and celebrations, saree pants are an appropriate and comfy clothing. Pant Style Saree We all adore saree, so why not try a pant-style saree for a more modern look? An outfit that will never go out of style […]

How to Wear Saree for Hourglass Shape?

How to Wear Saree for Hourglass Shape

Sari is the archetypal traditional Indian dress, worn by practically every lady with exquisite style and drape. This amazing item of clothes flatters any woman. Following are some guidelines and suggestions for selecting this Indian traditional woman wear based on your body type and size. If the upper and bottom half of your body is […]

How to Wear Saree if you are Thin?

How to Wear Saree if you are Thin

The saree might be the most figure-flattering dress you’ll ever wear if you know how to drape it properly. Trust us when we say that this classic Indian attire may reveal curves you didn’t know you possessed. You only need a few skinny girl saree pointers to get started! Check out these saree draping methods […]

How to Iron Organza Saree?

How to Iron Organza Saree

Organza, a shimmery, delicate fabric used to manufacture bridal gowns and décor items such as beds and tablecloths, is also prone to creases. Deep, set-in creases and wrinkles are frequently caused by improper storage or vacuum-packed delivery. Because this thin cloth is constructed of a variety of fibres, including silk, polyester, and cotton, it requires […]

How to Iron Silk Saree?

How to Iron Silk Saree

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “one-ironing-technique-fits-all” ironing procedure for any sort of cloth. Silk, unlike other long-lasting textiles, requires extra attention, particularly while ironing. Fortunately, caring about your silk things doesn’t have to take up a lot of time; you simply need to take a few additional steps along the way. Getting […]