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How to Remove Colour from Saree?

How to Remove Colour from Saree

The easiest approach to maintain your garments stain-free is to avoid having them ruined in the first place. However, some stains, such as colour, perspiration, perfume, and make-up, are unavoidable. Continue reading to learn how to remove the colour from the saree. The process for treatment differs depending on the fabric type. You should be […]

How to Identify Pure Kanjivaram Saree?

How to Identify Pure Kanjivaram Saree

Who doesn’t adore the regal Kanjivaram sarees’ ethnicity? These silk sarees, also known as Kanchipuram sarees, are a weakness for most women. A lot of women want to know whether a Kanjivaram is real or not before investing in it. This blog will help you to figure that out. Above all, deceiving buyers with phoney […]

How to Select Blouse for Saree?

How to Select Blouse for Saree

For Indian ladies, the saree has traditionally been a symbol of elegance and elegance. This six-yard drape, however, is never complete without its better half, the classic saree blouse. Surprisingly, Indian ladies have been wearing sarees for over a thousand years. Readymade saree blouses, on the other hand, are a relatively recent addition, having existed […]

How to Wear Andhra Style Saree?

How to Wear Andhra Style Saree

There are many other ways to drape a saree, however, draping a saree in the Andhra manner is the oldest and most beautiful method to wear a saree. The saree is one of India’s oldest types of women’s cultural clothing. It gives the wearer a completely feminine and seductive appearance. In addition, every Indian ladies […]

How to Remove Color Stains From Silk Saree?

How to Remove Color Stains From Silk Saree

Silk is a fabric manufactured from moth caterpillars’ natural fibers. Silk is a delicate fabric that demands great attention while cleaning. It is suitable for both summer and winter wear. Owners of silk items are frequently directed to seek professional dry cleaning services by manufacturers’ guidelines.  You can spot clean silk with natural cleaning chemicals […]

How to Remove Oil Stains From Saree?

How to Remove Oil Stains From Saree

Clothing stains from oil and grease are common, but they’re also simple to remove. When you’re setting up your favourite saree for a party, you can accidentally spill oil on it. While we recognise that a variety of oils can be spilt on your saree, such as coconut, corn starch, olive oil, mustard oil, motor […]

How to Wear Nepali Saree?

How to Wear Nepali Saree

Saree is a women’s garment that consists of a drape wrapped around the body and is worn everywhere in Nepal, particularly at special occasions such as weddings, ceremonies, and functions. With their delicate embroideries and bright colours, sarees are incredibly attractive and elegant. In Nepal, there is a saying that nothing looks better than a […]

How to Wear Dhoti Saree for Dance?

How to Wear Dhoti Saree for Dance

Sarees are such a versatile fabric that can be worn in a variety of ways. This free-flowing six or nine-yard length will allow the imagination to soar with inventiveness and innovation. There are a plethora of ways to drape this lovely ensemble, make a lady feel uniquely suited up with a dash of novelty. The […]

How to Wear Lavani Saree Step by Step?

How to Wear Lavani Saree Step by Step

The Lavani saree is also known as the Nauvari saree drape. It is one of the most common among regional drapes. This drape having been featured not only in popular movies but also on the fashion runway. This saree has a unique sense of playfulness that sets it apart from other saree designs. It accentuates […]