Does Saree Suits Me?

Does Saree Suits Me

Sarees are one of the most stylish cultural costumes worn by every Indian woman for special occasions such as festivals, weddings, and fancy parties. The beautiful nine yards of beauty come in a variety of fabric aesthetics including silk, chiffon, georgette, cotton, tussar, and more.

You may entirely experiment, in addition to the stunning designer prints and a variety of colors to pick from. Simply add a touch of the individualized style with kohl-rimmed eyes, bindi, and a red Lipper, and display your Indian appearance to the best of your ability.

Here are a few pointers for all of your females who enjoy dressing up in sarees and getting things done.

Saree suits everyone, you just got to pick the correct style and material for your body type!

Pear-Shaped Body Type

With a large bottom and curvy shape, you have the perfect Indian body. Stick to linens and georgettes since they are simple, uncomplicated, and breezy materials that will create a balance between your upper and bottom halves. Stay away from mermaid or lehenga sarees, and instead embrace the seedha pallu or front pallu appearance to accentuate your figure.

Look for patterns with a cascading border, elaborate embroidery, and delicate patterns that are bold, vibrant, and abstract. On your body shape, Benarsi silk sarees with long sleeve blouses would look equally gorgeous.

Apple Shaped Body Type

The majority of women have voluptuous curves, implying that they are heavier in the upper body. Her breasts and waist are out of proportion to the lower half of her body, which might cause issues when draping a saree for an event. Hefty embroidered work, huge and bold designs, heavy statement sarees draped a bit higher are all good choices. Women in their forties and fifties face a variety of challenges.

You may experiment with a variety of saree drapes, such as Ulta pallu or double pallu, or go bold with contrasting blouses to add drama to your outfit. Allow them to turn heads as you effortlessly put a spring in your step and wear edgy and vibrant combinations. Also, try to wear long blouses to divert attention away from your flaws and onto your ethical values.

Overweight Females

Women who are a little overweight have a hard time conforming to societal norms and are always comparing themselves to others. However, let us first remind you that you are beautiful exactly the way you are, and that genuine beauty is found in the spirit, not in the appearance, regardless of your form or size. So, have a positive attitude and embrace your inner Adele while you select silhouettes that will complement your outfit.

Choose sarees made of chiffon, silk, or handloom to highlight your contours while avoiding a sloppy appearance. Dark hues will look excellent on you when paired with long sleeve shirts, giving you a sleek and poised appearance.

Voluptuous Women

You are the most opulent woman because you have the hourglass form that every woman desires. Why not show off those gorgeous curves you’ve been given? Use chiffons and georgettes to do it perfectly and tastefully, as they will assist to enhance your contours. Minimal brocade and beading can be used with underlying designs that run the length and breadth of the nine yards.

Make up for a good fall by wearing gloomy hues. For that extra oomph factor, go for designer fuller long sleeve shirts, which will instantly make you feel thinner and sexier.

Slim and Tall Body Type

Women with a small waist and a tall stature are fortunate enough to be able to wear a million styles with ease. Cotton, raw silk, tussar, georgette, chiffon, and linen should all be worn with equal ease, and big and bold designs should be chosen to draw more attention to your whole demeanour rather than making you seem slender and incredibly slender. Sarees have wide borders and a sheet net silhouette with lacework and embellishments.

Small Body Type

Because the majority of Indian women are short and slender, you need to be very careful while selecting a saree. Use vertical designs and a narrow border with a simple saree to give the illusion of length. Avoid large, bold prints since they will make you look shorter. Heavy cotton sarees, heavy silk sarees, and designer sarees will all look great on you and complement your figure.

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