How To Clean Cloth Car Seats?

How To Clean Cloth Car Seats by Indian Clothing Store

Car seats can easily be cleaned on our own. Here are some ways to clean cloth seats-

1. By vacuuming the seats-

Before you clean your cloth car seats, you need to eliminate all stains, dirt, and crumbs. Vacuum the seats well. Make a point to get into the creases. Utilize your fingers to separate the creases and stick the nozzle of the vacuum into the seams to eliminate any loose debris.

2. By spraying a light coat of cleaning solution on the seat-

You should utilize a fabric or texture cleaning item to clean cloth seats rather than an all-purpose cleanser. Softly spray the arrangement over the space that you need to clean. Try four to five sprays over the space. Try not to spray so much that you soak the area. This might lead to mold and bad smells on the cushion underneath the cloth.

3. Using an interior brush on the area-

Before cleaning on a new area, work on the area you just sprayed. Work on each space, promptly brushing the area after spraying. Utilize a delicate or medium-firm interior brush to massage the cloth seat. Try not to utilize a stiff carpet brush on cloth interiors. This can wreck the cloth filaments on the seat.

4. By wiping the dirty suds with a microfiber towel-

Rubbing the cloth carries dirt to the surface. At the point when the suds begin to gather with dirt in them, utilize a microfiber towel to wipe away the filthy suds. Make a point to do this before it dries which will put the dirt right back on the seat.

5. Trying to use laundry detergent-

 If you need to experiment with the home remedy before purchasing a particular fabric cleaner, you can try laundry detergent. You need to mix laundry detergent with hot water. You can put it in a spray bottle or dampen the seats with the solution with a wipe or sponge. Rinsing the laundry detergent, wet a microfiber towel with cold water. Then squeeze out the excess water and scrub the seat to eliminate dirt and detergent.

6. By using vinegar-

White refined vinegar can be utilized to make a fabric cleaner. You need to mix one cup or 250 mL of vinegar, a couple of drops of dish soap, and a gallon or 4l of hot water. You need to dab this mixture onto the seat and utilize a brush to clean the area. Utilize clean water to flush the solution. Utilize a microfiber towel to eliminate any filthy suds.

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