How To Design Clothes On Roblox?

How To Design Clothes On Roblox Indian Closing Store Indian Closing Store

Have you ever been wondered about how clothes of characters in the games you play have been designed? If you have, let me show you how it’s done. I will be showing you the way to design clothes using Roblox.

1. Making a T-shirt

A. Find an image of the T-shirt 

While finding an image of a T-shirt, make sure the T-shirt looks decent. Avoid using indecent and vulgar images. Are there any chances of getting banned or reported? If you want to sell the T-shirt, you need Premium Subscription.

B. Upload the curated image

  • Once you have selected the image, go to the Roblox website and click on Develop which is at the top-left. 
  • After doing so, click the option of T-shirts that are located on the sidebar. 
  • Click on the option of “Choose file”. Select the template changed and edited by you. 
  • Give a name to the design you have created. 
  • Click upload. If you want to sell your design, get a Premium subscription.

2. Making Shirts or Pants

A. Download a template of shirt or pant  from the Roblox website

This is the only way to design an outfit that you can use in games or videos you create. 

  • Ensure that the design fits into the chosen template. Areas that don’t fit in the box will not be displayed once the clothing is uploaded.

B. Open the file created in Paint

  • If you are designing the clothes on a desktop or laptop, then tools utilized by designers include Pixlr and Krita.
  • If you are designing on a phone or tablet, then use ibisPaintX and Procreate(only for iOS).
  • If you get the option of adding layers, use that opportunity to curate a color guide. This will help you in putting the right texture or design into the right box.

C. Start coloring the boxes 

  • Don’t forget that Roblox doesn’t show the portion that is outside the box, so position your template properly.
  • Ensure that it looks great and unique. 
  • You can copy, paste and change the size of the image in the boxes.
  • Save the design template before exiting. 

D. Upload the template

  • Go to the ROBLOX website. Log in to your account.
  • Click on the develop option available on the top left.
  • In the bar next to the games that you have created, click on “Shirts or Pants”
  • Click on choose file. Select the design template you have saved.
  • Give a name to your design.
  • Click “upload”.

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