How to Drape a Saree?

How to Drape a Saree by Indian Clothing Stores

Are you bored of wearing the Saree in cliche ways?  Many of us deal with that. But do not worry! This article will help you learn about different ways of draping a saree.

Make a statement with these unique saree draping styles that will turn heads.

1. Scarf in a Subtle Style

Do you want to go with an unusual ethnic look? With this exclusive saree draping theme, you can keep it super-casual and trendy. Pleat the pallu and tie it around your neck in a scarf pattern for a beautiful look. Rather than wrapping the pallu around the back, keep it around the waist.

2. Wrap It Around The Neck

Try this classic style by skipping the pleats and keeping it straight from the bottom. Take the pallu around your neck at the end to give your saree a 90’s vibe. If you want to try something new, this ethnic draping style appears to be a good option.

3. Draping in the Lehenga Style

You must have seen this saree look around during the festive season, mainly because it has a Bengali ethnic style. Start with making pleats. Do not let the drape hang down; instead, pin it up in a flowy pattern on the shoulder itself.

4. Give it a Bengali Spin

Do you have no idea how to drape a silk saree? Here’s a different look – if you’re here to learn new things, why don’t you try the traditional look?

Wrap your pallu like a Bengali woman for a flowing look. You can also play around with pleats on your pallu. You’ve probably seen a lot of celebrities sporting this look on TV, so why don’t you give it a shot?

5. Indo Fusion Style

 This saree is a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional fashion. We adore the dhoti-style look, which elevates the entire ensemble. Everything you have to do now confidently wears the outfit.

6. Casual style

If going overboard isn’t your thing, this monochrome saree with its distinctive draping style might be just what you’re looking for. The draping pattern of this saree is a mixture of pleats and a dhoti-style pallu.

Skip the traditional pleating pattern and choose this one instead. Don’t forget to pair your saree with this one-of-a-kind blouse design to complete the look.

7. Get It Look Like A Lehenga-Saree

Why not change the whole look of your saree to resemble a lehenga? Make big pleats on the bottom and as long as possible front pleats on the pallu. To make your saree look even more glam, tie a “Kamar belt” around your waist.

 This one seems to be an ideal saree draping theme for a South Indian bride. It is as well a better match for this wedding season.

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