How to Drape a Silk Saree Tightly?

How to Drape a Silk Saree Tightly

We can’t emphasis enough how silk sarees provide a whole new level of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. It oozes elegance and is perfect for any occasion. However, because it has a smooth texture and a difficult fabric, it is critical to drape it correctly to get an eye-catching appearance.

So, what is the best way to wear a silk saree? We’ll share some helpful hints and tricks with you.

Step 1 –

You will have to choose a cotton petticoat because it would make sure that your saree would stay in place. Next thing you will have to make sure is that your saree could be tucked in properly.

Step 2 –

You will have to take one end of your silk saree and then try to tuck in on the right side. You will have to bring the other end of so that a circle could be formed. You will have to bring that at the right waist.

Step 3 –

You will have to make sure that the saree bottom reaches the ground. You will have to keep tucking the saree in so that it completes one round. After that, start making pleats.

When you are finished making pleats you will have to tuck in the petticoat so that it has formed a loose loop. While you’re tucking in the pleats too, make sure you hold it firmly. While holding them firmly, try to tuck in the right side of your waist.

Step 4 –

Make sure that you have adjusted the pleats properly and secure them with a safety pin. The border of the saree should come at the front and secure with another safety pin.

Step 5 –

You should start adjusting the pallu and it would be good if it is well ironed. Make two or three pleats and adjust it with safety pins.

Make sure to pin it on your left shoulder. To give it a finishing design, pin your saree in such a way that it brings out the grace inside of you.

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