How to Dress up Lehenga Saree?

How to Dress up Lehenga Saree

The lehenga is a popular choice among Indian ladies. The saree is no exception. Imagine switching from a saree to a lehenga for a change! Does that get people’s attention? Yes, with this lehenga saree that alters your appearance and adds a trendy touch, you will undoubtedly adore yourself more. Flatter yourself with a simple saree style that takes no experience and is easier to handle to add glitter to your appearance.

The lehenga saree has become the hottest trend in our fast-paced world because of its ease and simplicity of tying. Thankfully, the lehenga saree is not only a time-saver but also a simpler version of the classic form. The combination of two classical clothing shapes promises to improve your appearance. Who doesn’t want to be more attractive?

Suggestions for Wearing a Lehenga Saree

The challenge of wearing a sari may appear to be daunting, yet the sari’s allure never fades. The sari dominates the Indian women’s apparel market as a perfect dress for official, informal, and celebratory events.

A lehenga saree, unlike a typical saree, is a semi-stitched fabric that is 4.5 to 5.5 metres long and made of georgette, chiffon, crepe, lurex, jacquard weaves, or silk. The lehenga saree is a traditional Indian dress.

Making a Lehenga Saree Out of a Simple Sari

You don’t have to bother about the alignment of front pleats while draping a lehenga style saree since ornamentally decorated panels replace pleats, giving the drape a beautiful touch. A lehenga saree, like a regular saree, requires no specific skills to drape — simply tuck and drape pre-stitched pleats and you’re done! That’s all there is to it! There’s no fuss.

A lehenga saree is a godsend for young girls who have never worn a saree but can drape a lehenga sari and spice up their appearance. Wear an underskirt to keep your lehenga sari in shape and eliminate fluffiness around the waist.

Let’s start with draping a plain saree in a lehenga style.

To achieve a full outfit, select a saree and purchase a matching blouse and petticoat. Keep a supply of safety pins on hand. Begin by tying the blouse and underskirt or petticoat at the waist. Wear a belt fastener petticoat to save the difficulty of tying traditional strings, which can make you feel fat and damage your look.

  1. Beginning at the right side of the waist, wrap the plain end of the sari around your petticoat or underskirt. Return to the beginning position and tuck the saree into the petticoat, exactly as you would when wearing a standard saree. The bottom border should be used.
  2. Begin by forming little pleats around your waist. Your lehenga sari would appear more elegant if the pleats are thinner. The sari provides a lehenga-like impression with multiple folds tucked in around the waist, creating the overall look of dashing and fashionable.
  3. Begin on the right side and work your way back, forming little pleats and tucking them into the underskirt. To get a faultless appearance, make sure the pleats are firmly tucked in.
  4. In a conventional saree, this is the point at which folds form. Continue folding the pleats around the waist and tucking them under the underskirt of a lehenga saree.
  5. After you’ve tucked in the simple end, bring the remainder of the sari to the opposing end. You don’t need to create pleats anymore; simply tuck in the rest of the center section, leaving enough fabric to drape the saree around the waist and pallu one last time. It’s best if the pallu isn’t too lengthy.
  6. Make pleats with the pallu if desired. Make 5-6 pleats with your pallu to show off your blouse’s rich stonework. Continue creating pleats with the remaining pallu and wrap them around your right waist and over your left shoulder one last time. The pallu can be wrapped in a variety of ways. In the front, you might drape the pleated pallu like a dupatta, forming a V-shape.
  7. As with a typical saree, pin the pallu carefully. The pleats will remain intact as a result of this. To get the ideal body frame, adjust as many pleats as you wish. It’s entirely up to you whether to make pleats or leave it flowing to get a classic yet fashionable look akin to a lehenga. When pinning the saree, be cautious not to harm the cloth. 

When it comes to draping styles, Sari is without a doubt the unchallenged leader. The style of a lehenga sari is ideal for weddings and traditional celebrations. This sort of sari usually has a pallu in a contrasting hue, which makes the sari seem more appealing and eye-catching. A draping twist on your saree will transform it into a dazzling lehenga-style sari that will enhance your beauty.

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