How to Dye Clothes?

How to Dye Clothes by Indian Clothing Store

Clothes Can be Dyed Using the Methods Given Below-

1. The Washing Machine Method

Wet the fabric and place it in the clothes washer. It is required to mix the dye in a cup with four cups of extremely hot water and mix well. In a different holder, in case you’re about to dye a natural fabric like cotton or cloth, break down one cup of salt in four cups of exceptionally hot water.

In case you’re dying silk or nylon, blend some white vinegar in with two to four cups of heated water. Add a teaspoon of dish detergent to the holder, eliminate the detergent cup from the detergent plate and pour your colour solution into the dispenser. 

At that point, pour the salt or vinegar solution. Flush the dispenser altogether with four additional cups of hot tap water. At that point, wash for 30 minutes at the hottest possible temperature.

2. The Stove Top Method

Fill a pot with sufficient water that your piece of clothing can move around in it, cover it, and heat to simply below boiling. You need to follow the mixing directions on your box of dye yet when the water starts to sim, add the color solution and blend well. 

Then, add the piece of clothing and keep things at a lower simmer. Mix gradually and persistently, giving close consideration for 10 minutes (which are the most basic). Clothing can hang out in the dye water for as long as 60 minutes, however, how long you keep it in there relies upon what sort of fabric you’re dying.

 At the point when it seems to have arrived at your ideal colour (remember that it looks somewhat darker when wet), eliminate and squeeze out the extra dye.

3. The Sink or Bucket Method

 You need to fill a bucket with water that is roughly 140ºF. Then follow the mixing directions for whichever dye you’re utilizing, at that point add to the dye bath and blend well. 

You need to test the colour with a paper towel, if it’s excessively light, add more colour; if it’s excessively dark, add more water. Wet your piece of clothing, at that point, add it to the dyebath. Mix gradually and consistently, particularly for the first 10 minutes, since mixing can help even colour with no abnormal splotches. 

Keep it in there for the first 30 minutes until the ideal dye is accomplished and afterward eliminate and take out the extra color.

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