How to Fold a Saree Blouse?

How to Fold a Saree Blouse

When you try to conserve space in your wardrobe, knowing how to fold a saree blouse correctly is a wonderful skill to have. Depending on the kind of blouse you have, there are a variety of ways to fold it. Fold the cloth in such a way so you can still see the patterns.

Folding a blouse involves the following steps –

1. Place the blouse on a flat surface, face down. Find a spot on a couch, your bed, or another place where you’ll have plenty of room to move about. Spread out the shirt and turn it around until the front side is facing down.

 If your blouse has embroidery, as many blouses do, make sure that part is facing downwards.

And if the blouse doesn’t have an iron, fold them all the same way to leave them looking uniform.

2. Remove some wrinkles from the cloth by smoothing it out. Pull the sleeves out of the way so they don’t get tangled in the fabric.

If there are some stains on the blouse iron it before folding it.

3. To tuck the sleeves in, fold the blouse in thirds horizontally. By grasping the hem and shoulder, work on one side of the blouse at a time. Fold the blouse in half and lay the cuff on top of it.

Get it flat by smoothing it over. Fold the other hand in the same manner.

Before having this fold, you don’t need to do something about your short sleeves. Simply fold the sleeves over the blouse’s body.

4. If the sleeves don’t fit neatly over the fabric, fold them back in. Layout each sleeve separately if you’re folding a blouse with sleeves that are a little longer than normal. Stretch the sleeve out around the middle of the blouse after folding it in.

5. From the bottom up, fold the blouse in two. The rest of the shirt can fold even more easily than the sleeves. What you have to do is raise the brim of the dress. Hold it with both hands and pull it up to the neck.

When you finish folding the shirt, it should look like a short rectangle with the hem on top. Ensure that the sleeves are tucked into the lining.

6. Fold the blouse in half again to make it smaller. Grab the new bottom edge formed by the previous fold and pull it up to your chest. You’ll end up with a little square of cloth after folding the blouse in half, which is easy to put in a drawer or basket. This final fold will carry the picture back to the top of your blouse if it has one.

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