How to Get Makeup Out of Clothes?

How to Get Makeup Out of Clothes by Indian Clothing Stores

Makeup spills and smudges will inevitably occur, regardless of the degree of hand-eye coordination. When they do, you’re left wondering how to remove makeup from clothing without making the stain worse. Here are eight brilliant ways to get makeup stains out of your clothing quickly and easily.

Trick 1 – Make use of a Makeup Wipe

Makeup wipes aren’t just for your face; they can even be used to remove makeup from your clothing. It’s an old backstage trick that you might see at a fashion show when makeup artists realize they’ve smeared something on themselves while trying to cover the models’ outfits. It’s deceptive, but it works. Simply take one and gently blot or rub the offending makeup mark until it disappears.

A few things to keep in mind: This method works best on a fresh spill that hasn’t had time to dry or set. And you can spot-test something you’re not sure is colourfast or could water-spot, such as silk, on an area that won’t be seen before going to town on it—you don’t want to ruin anything fragile.

Trick 2 – Alcohol for Rubbing

Rub the makeup stain with a cotton ball or the tip of a washcloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Since alcohol can break down sticky and waxy stains, rubbing alcohol is especially effective at removing lipstick stains.

Trick 3 – Cream for Shaving

Who knew shaving cream could help you get rid of a stain? Allow a squirt or two of the stain to dry for ten minutes. The cream will remove the stain during this time. Remove the shaving cream with cold water after ten minutes.

Trick 4 – A Hair Dryer

If you use loose powder on your face, you know how aggravating it is to spill it on your clothes (especially if the powder is light and the fabric is dark). Any effort to remove it results in a smeared mess that is much more visible than the initial powder dots. So, what are your thoughts? Obtain a hairdryer. You’re ready to go after blasting the powder off the cloth.

Trick 5 – A blow dryer

You know how annoying it is to spill loose powder on your clothing if you use it on your lip (especially if the powder is light and the fabric is dark). Any attempt to remove it leaves a smeared mess that is much more noticeable than the powder dots themselves. So, what are your thoughts on the subject? Get yourself a hairdryer. After blasting the powder off the rag, you’re good to go.

Trick 6 – Ice, ice, ice

Another method for removing makeup from clothing is to use ice cubes. Take a cube and vigorously rub it on the stain. While ice (and cold water) can help raise a stain, using hot water to treat a spot can further spread the stain. When attempting to spot cure a mild makeup stain, avoid using hot water at all costs. Save the hot water for when you’re about to put your clothes in the washer.

Trick 7 – Water and soap

And if you just have soap and water on hand, you should try to remove a makeup stain. Simply put, don’t reach for a paper towel or a napkin. Instead, saturate the stain with cold water and a smidgeon of soap. Then rub the fabric against itself, allowing the stain to be lifted by friction. This is preferable to using a paper product, which can flake off and leave the fabric smeared.

Trick 8 – Detergent Wipes and Detergent Pens are two types of detergents

Detergent pens, such as Tide to Go, are designed to handle stains when on the go. Be sure to blot any extra gunk off your fabric before applying the pen to it for the best results. The detergent solution will come out when you insert the tip into the fabric. Rub the detergent pen’s tip against the cloth until the stain appears.

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