How To Get Mustard Out of Clothes?

How To Get Mustard Out of Clothes by Indian Clothing Stores

Mustard is best served on a hot dog, not on a shirt. These expert tips will permanently remove those pesky yellow stains.

What all is needed? 

  • A white sheet 
  • Water that is ice cold 
  • Soap for heavy-duty washing 
  • Bleach that is colour-safe 
  • A stain-removing agent

The easiest way to get rid of a mustard stain is to act quickly before it sets.

Following are the ways to get it out of clothes-

Step 1

If there’s any excess mustard on your clothing, scrape it away with a spoon.

Step 2 –

After that, look at the tag on your clothes. Do not put your garment in the washing machine if it says dry clean only on the mark. Take it to the dry cleaners or use Dryel, a dry cleaning machine that you can use at home. Often do a spot test in an unknown area before using any stain removers or detergents if you’re dealing with a delicate fabric like silk or cashmere.

Step 3 –

Take off the piece of clothing and rinse it with cold water from the back, rinsing away as much of the mustard stain as possible until you’ve decided it’s safe to continue. Whatever you do, don’t rub the stain; rubbing or scrubbing the stain will just embed the mustard deeper into your fabric. To prevent spreading the stain to other places, keep the stream as localised as possible.

Step 4 –

Apply a heavy-duty liquid laundry detergent, such as Tide Hygienic Clean, to the stain with a white cloth. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for it to rest on the stain.

Step 5 –

Return to the sink and, using a stream of cold water applied to the back of the fabric, flush the stain once more. Stop using warm or hot water, and don’t rub the fabric, as in Step 2.

Step 6 –

If the stain persists, add a stain remover, such as OxiClean MaxForce, directly to the stain’s surface. Allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes on the stain, or as directed on the box.

Step 7 –

Use the usual laundry detergent and a small amount of colour-safe bleach to wash the clothes on the cold cycle in the washing machine. If you don’t have any colour-safe bleach on hand, vinegar is an excellent natural alternative that will help you remove any residual yellow from your clothing.

Step 8 –

Do not use a dryer to dry the garment. If any traces of the stain remain, the heat will set them into the cloth. Instead, let the fabric air dry.


If you get mustard on your clothes when out in public, you probably won’t be able to remove them. However, as long as the mustard stains are new, items like Tide To Go Wipes will work their magic.

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