How to Get Red Wine Out of Clothes?

How to Get Red Wine Out of Clothes by Indian Clothing Store

As any wine connoisseur knows, all it takes is one bad mistake to spill the wine on our clothes, staining them with the burgundy colour.

The first law is to never rub the stain using any sort of remover. Here are a few hacks for all the wine lovers on how to get red wine out of clothes.

1. By Using Club Soda

 Club soda can help remove the colour by breaking down the wine’s dyes. Club soda should be blotted into the stain and left to soak overnight. If you’re good, this would remove the fresh wine stain and you won’t need to use any other tools to remove it.

2. By Using Hot Water and Salt

In case of fresh stains, wipe up as much as you can with a towel before applying salt to the whole stain. Allow the salt to absorb into the cloth before applying boiling water. Put the water from a height of around 8 inches above the garment, which helps you to push the wine out of the cloth. After that, rinse as normal.

3. By Using Dishwashing Liquid and Hydrogen Peroxide

This procedure can be used to remove both fresh and old wine stains. These cleaning supplies are usually already in your home, making them ideal for spills. Simply combine equal parts hydrogen peroxide and dish soap in a container and spray the solution over the stain  Allow it to sit for up to 30 minutes on the cloth.

Continue adding more solvent before the stain is gone. Once the stain has faded, soak the cloth in hot water to help remove it, and clean with cold water.

4. By Using Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is yet another choice for stubborn stains. Blot the alcohol onto the dye with a sponge and then rub dry with a wet rag. When you blot the rubbing alcohol, the red wine colour should start to fade.

5. Using a Spray

Simply spray the infected area liberally with the solution Sand leave it to rest for about 20 minutes. To prevent the stain from spreading, place a sheet of cardboard or another barrier between the stained and unstained slides.

Continue to wait if the hue changes from red or pink to blue. Rinse a little more, reapply the spray if possible, and watch the stain go away.

6. Using a Soap

The Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar is one of those stain removers that one can have on hand at all times. Wet the dirty piece, scrub the bar firmly onto the stain, and then wash as usual to clean the red wine.

After this bar, you can use hot or cold water but don’t dry before you’re certain that the stain is removed.

These hacks will help you remove stubborn wine stains without having to worry about discarding one’s clothes. These will accommodate in getting red wine out of clothes.

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