How To Get Slime Out Of Your Clothes?

How to get slime out of your clothes India Clothing Store

Do you have a toddler in your family? If yes, does he like to play with slime? If he does, does he make his clothes dirty while playing with slime? If he does, do not worry as I am going to give you some ways to remove slime out of your clothes. So, without further ado, let’s set the ball rolling. 

1. Apply Vinegar on the garment

This technique can only be used if the slime is wet, and garments that have been slimed and washed but haven’t dried up yet.

Materials required:

a. Vinegar

b. A soft toothbrush or scrubbing brush


i. Pour enough vinegar onto the slime to make the garment wet

ii. Keep the vinegar on the slime for up to five minutes. But, ensure that the vinegar doesn’t get dry

iii. Use your brush to scrub the slimed area.

iv. Rinse that portion in hot water.

2. Use Soap that you use for washing dishes

Don’t use the diluted solution of the dish soap, as a concentrated solution works better than the diluted one. If you have a diluted solution, add water to it to make it concentrated.

Materials required:

a. Dish Soap

b. Water


i. Squirt dish soap onto the slimed portion

ii. Keep the garment under running water

iii. Repeat the process till the slime has disappeared

3. Apply Ice Cubes

Has it ever happened that your toddler had spilled slime on his clothes but you weren’t able to wash them immediately as you had a train to catch or meeting with your client? If that has happened not to worry. As in that case, you can apply ice cubes to the slimed portion.

Materials required:

a.Ice cubes or freezer bag.


i.  Try removing dry slime with your hands.

ii. Rub the ice cube on the remaining slimed portion to get rid of it.

iii. If you still are not able to remove slime, put the garment in the freezer bag and place it in the freezer.

iv. Take out the garment after a couple of hours and peel the slime from the garment.

v. Wash the garment.

4. Apply Nail Polish Remover

This technique is used if the slime has glue in it. But before applying it on the slimed portion of the garment, try it on the cloth that you are using currently.

Materials required:

a. Nail Polish remover

b. Balls of cotton


i. Apply the liquid to the slimed portion by dabbing a small amount of time, using balls of cotton.

ii. A small amount of slime should come away on the balls of cotton with every dab.

iii. When the slime has been removed, wash the garment.

The Process of getting Dried up slime out of clothes

If even after using the ice cubes, some portion of slime remains, use this technique. 

Materials required:

a. Baking Soda

b. Water

c. Vinegar

d. A spoon


i. First scrap off the slime from the garment with the help of the spoon

ii. Make a paste of vinegar, baking soda, and water.

iii. Apply the paste on the slimed portion.

iv. Allow the paste to dry.

v. Remove the paste with tissue

vi. Wash the garment.

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