How to Identify Pure Kanjivaram Saree?

How to Identify Pure Kanjivaram Saree

Who doesn’t adore the regal Kanjivaram sarees’ ethnicity? These silk sarees, also known as Kanchipuram sarees, are a weakness for most women. A lot of women want to know whether a Kanjivaram is real or not before investing in it. This blog will help you to figure that out.

Above all, deceiving buyers with phoney Kanjivaram jewellery is becoming more common these days. Don’t be caught in a trap. instead, utilise these methods to spot genuine Kanjivaram sarees.

1. Examine the Color Scheme

The vivid colour combinations of original Kanjivaram sarees are well-known. The contrasting colours between the saree body and pallu area are the easiest method to spot a genuine Kanjivaram saree. If the colours are almost the same, the saree is most likely a fake.

2. Reveal with a Touch

Silk sarees are soft to the touch and have a feathery texture throughout. Before purchasing a Kanjivaram item, make it a habit to move your hands over the entire saree and feel its suppleness. If there are any rough places on the body of the saree, you may know it’s a fake.

3. Test for Lustre

Another quality of silk sarees is their shiny sheen. Silk sarees sparkle when held up to the light at different angles. If a saree has a faded appearance, it is most likely to be a fake. Kanjivaram pieces will always be uniformly glossy and delicate in texture.

4. The Ring Test

The ring test is the simplest and most reliable way to tell if a saree is genuine Kanjivaram silk. Try to slide the entire silk saree through the aperture of a wedding ring. Undoubtedly, a saree that readily slides through the ring is genuine.

5. Hallmark for Silk

All pure silk sarees are certified with an authentic silk hallmark by the Silk Mark Organization of India, a body of the Central Silk Board of India. Check for the silk hallmark before purchasing a Kanjivaram silk saree to ensure its legitimacy.

6. Scratch Test with Zari

The golden Zaris used in authentic Kanjivaram silk sarees are made from red silk threads intertwined with silver threads and dipped in gold. Genuine Kanjivaram sarees become crimson when the Zari embroidery is scratched. Pricking the delicate gold threadwork on a faux silk saree, on the other hand, will result in white threads.

7. The Saree is being rubbed

Take a piece of silk saree fabric from the shop and gently massage it between your palms. When you massage Kanjivaram sarees with your hands, they feel somewhat warmer. If there are no temperature differences, the saree might be a fake silk saree.

8. Patterns for Weaving

Warp and weft textile weaving patterns are used in the handmade Kanchipuram sarees. Turn a Kanjivaram saree over to the wrong side and examine the handweaving motifs whenever you go shopping.

9. Uneven is Unique

The weaving pattern and Karigari of the manually woven Kanjivaram silk sarees may be irregular. So, finding little flaws in a silk saree when scrutinising it is a sign of uniqueness.

10. Heavy is the Real Deal

 Silk sarees from Kanchipuram are heavier and more expensive than other sarees, even fakes. Weighing a Kanjivaram item before purchasing it is a sure-fire technique to ensure its authenticity.

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