How to Make Barbie Dress?

How to Make Barbie Dress by Indian Clothing Stores

To make a barbie dress, use Barbie’s body proportions, draught the patterns just like the human version. The Basic Bodice pattern, the Dauntless Bodice pattern, and the Basic Skirt block are all available to try.

Mermaid Gown

This will look familiar if you’ve seen the mermaid skirt in my Panel Skirt tutorial.

Begin by copying the entire simple bodice pattern, then move on to the next step.

Step1 –

Sew the center front, side seams, and center back line down the whole length of the garment. Barbie’s waist measurement is 18 cm, so make the gown a little longer.

Draw a line from the top of the waist darts to the bottom.

Step 2 –  

Make a rough sketch of the dress’s upper half. Since this would be a strapless dress, separate the bodice form. Since it’s simpler to sew, I kept the neckline very simple. If you want a more difficult form, try a sweetheart.

The back is in the form of a shallow V.

Enlarge the bust dart marginally to stop gaping. Aside from that, the panels will follow the darts. Behind the bust, you should carve even more.

Step 3 –

After that, there’s the skirt. Draft the panels to make the dress a little tighter around the knees (10 cm from the waist down). As I did, you should make the back of the skirt longer. On the fold, the centre.front would be removed. To make it easier to see, I coloured the front side plate.

Check that the seams that will be sewn together are the same length and that the hemline and neckline run seamlessly between the pieces by copying the pattern pieces.

Except for the train, the curves should be equal below the feet. As a result, you can begin with the front piece and copy the curve to the front side panel, then to the backside panel.

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