How to Make Doormat from Saree?

How to Make Doormat from Saree

One of the most important elements in any home is a doormat. There isn’t a house in the neighbourhood that doesn’t have a doormat on the front gate. The doormats not only improve the appearance of the house but also serve to keep the interiors clean.

Due to the continual contact with dust particles and practically all sorts of contaminants, it’s a no-brainer that these components would become the dirtiest and unclean.

Despite washing them every week, doormats should be replaced every six months. But that doesn’t imply it has to be a lavish affair. You may build new doormats for all of the major places, including the balcony, the main entry, the kitchen, and so on.

Ordinarily, people toss out their old clothes. You can make a mat out of an old ripped linen saree.

Please go through the following steps on how to construct a waste saree doormat.

Step 1 –

Cut the cloth into strips in step one.

Cut and open the saree first.

This material may be cut into around 12 6 ft long pieces.

Step 2 –

Knot Cloth Strips Take three strips and tie them together at one end.

Place all three strips’ knotted ends in the door or window grill.

Step 3 –

Braid together all three strips.

Beginning at the knotted end, tightly braid the three pieces of material. It’s the same as braiding hair; when the length of the braided strip approaches the end, you may add another strip.

After you’ve used all 12 strips, you’ll have a braided cable that’s 20 feet long.

Step 4 –

Trim the Tails

Trim the strip’s surplus length at the end.

Stitch the ends of all three braid strips together with a needle and thread.

Cut the ends knotted with the window grill and stitch them together as well.

Step 5 –

 Begin The Mat is Being Rolled

To make the mat, begin rolling the braided coil in circles from one end.

Stitch the roll constantly with the neighbouring circle while rolling using a needle and dark coloured yarn.

Step 6 –

 Complete the Mat

Continue rolling the coil and sewing the coiled mat together with the adjacent coil.

After you’ve finished rolling all of the 20-foot coils, finish by stitching the ends with the mat.

In the last photo, you can see the final mat. It may be used anyplace in your home because it is so appealing.

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