How to Make Long Skirt from Saree at Home?

How to Make Long Skirt from Saree at Home

Do you feel intimidated by the prospect of constructing a simple skirt? Let me take care of that! Today, I’ll teach you how to sew a basic skirt in just 15 minutes. What, you don’t think I’m telling the truth? Allow me to demonstrate. There’s no need for a paper pattern. As I previously stated, this is a pretty simple skirt that comes together in no time!

Make the most of outdated sarees or those that need to be repaired by simply draping them about. To create a long skirt, follow the given steps-

Step 1 –

Cut the lining part of the fabric and fold it in half. After that, you will have to hold one corner of the side that you folded and bring it to the other side to make a triangular shape. If you’re adding a zip, ensure to measure the waist size but if you’re not then measure the hip size.

Step 2 –

When you’ve taken all the measurements that are required then cut it by leaving half an inch. After cutting you can observe that the upper part is shorter than the lower one so you can attach the leftover fabric over there.

Step 3 –

Now ensure that you’re keeping the right sides together of both the lining pieces and make a stitch from one side. Make sure to keep a long trail of the thread at the end. Now, take one thread and start pulling to make gathers.

Step 4 –

You will have to stitch the sides of the skirt so start folding the skirt from the wrong side. For the waistband, cut the straps of the lining. Stitch them from one side by keeping the right sides together.

Step 5 –

Now flip to the right side and make a stitch over there too. Now, fold it into half and stitch both the edges together.

Step 6 –

Attach the waistband to the skirt. Keep the stitching line upward and fold the waistband and make a stitch. Insert the elastic with the help of a safety pin.

Step 7 –

Stitch both the ends together and close the open part of the waistband. The skirt is now ready.

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