How to Make Saree Border Designs?

How to Make Saree Border Designs

We’ve all heard it before: the pallu is the spirit of the saree, telling a certain tale. What about the saree’s border? The saree border defines the whole length of the saree, giving it a distinct appearance, making the saree’s colour more appealing, and the print more cohesive—indeed, the saree border is the only feature that gives the drape a degree of uniformity.

As a result, one of the most significant aspects in deciding on a saree has always been the border.

Step 1

 By adding a saree border, you could make a simple saree look very graceful and beautiful. You have the option to go for a color contrast and stitch it on the saree border and the blouse sleeves. You can always choose between a lace border and a designer border.

Step 2

 You can always end up adding patches to your saree. You can also have a mirror work done on your saree and transform it completely. When you start designing a certain border at your home, you completely change the look of your plain saree.

Step 3

You can also add a pretty floral border to your saree. You can always pick a floral border that has a colour contrast while sitting at home. You can design your blouse in this way so that your outlook is way more chic and modern.

Step 4

 You can always add a brocade to your saree. You can always stitch up a nice brocade blouse but provided it has a color contrast. Adding a patchwork or an embellishment can always transform your saree to an upper level.

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