How to Make Saree Fall?

How to Make Saree Fall

Saree falls are essential for any saree, but they are particularly important for thin and light-weight sarees such as georgettes, chiffons, and net sarees. When applying pleats and wearing a saree, adding saree falls guarantees a perfect fall to the fabric.

A well-stitched saree fall strengthens and preserves your precious and costly sarees from wear and tear, ensuring a long life.

1. Prepare the cloth for the saree drop

Cotton cloth, about 3 metres long and 5 inches high, is commonly used to stitch saree falls. Both sides are sewn and come in a variety of shades. Choose a fabric that complements your saree. Before applying the falls material to your saree, pre-wash and iron it. This crucial measure keeps the saree from fading and ensures that the colours stay vibrant.

2. Until you start sewing, make sure you measure and mark all

Make a label on the saree with a 30 cm measurement. The saree hem is stitched with cotton.

The saree fall is attached in such a way that it covers the saree’s original drape and pleats, allowing the pleats to fall gracefully. It also strengthens the saree hem, preventing it from tangling with shoes or scratching the ground under the feet.

3. Until sewing, use pins to lock the saree drop

When seen from the right side of the cloth, the saree dropping is added from the wrong side of the fabric. To protect both the falls and the saree, apply pins in the saree after marking.

This will assist you with stitching correctly. The falls may not need to be attached to the pallu.

4. Start stitching

Start stitching after pinning the drop to the saree and allowing 1/4 inch of allowance at frequent intervals on the bottom line. After you’ve finished one hand, repeat the process on the top side of the saree falls. Using the 1/4 inch allowance as a shield, you can change the falls content as you sew, ensuring the saree is wrinkle-free.

5. Make sure it is in working order

After stitching the saree drop, do a thorough inspection and iron to enhance the finish. The saree falls would act as additional support, giving the saree form and weight. The pleats that follow are even more pronounced and can stay there. The fall season will be beautiful and elegant in its own right.

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