How to Make Saree Packing Trays at Home?

How to Make Saree Packing Trays at Home

And it’s during times like weddings or baby showers that we may put our cognitive talents to good use, such as embellishing our saree bundles. If we apply our imagination, we may make a saree package at home. Here are ways to improve the appearance of your saree while it’s wrapped in the same old plastic wrap.

Use a beautiful tray to assist you

You may get enormous trays at décor shops where you may lay your saree to make it appear fantastic, much like we have trays for constructing dried fruits and other tasty knick-knacks.

Every neighbourhood décor store has beautiful trays with intriguing carvings and magnificent patterns. These trays are embellished with beads, Swarovski crystals, pearls, and other gemstones. As a result, all you have to do is drape your saree over this attractive huge tray.

Consider cellophane wrapping and little draperies

If you want your décor to be more dazzling and gorgeous, the next step is to use cellophane dazzling wraps and golden glittering ribbons. Wrap your saree in glittering cellophane wraps available on the market after laying it over a life-size tray (or any size that suits you). You may also use golden gotta ribbons to wrap the tray.

Wrapping gottapatti in a unique way

Gotta Patti, a traditional Rajasthani art style, has found a home in wraps and coverings, as well as suits and sarees. Try a tissue fabric or georgette fabric bag with elaborate gotta-Patti work over it instead of the good old silk pouch you use to wrap a saree. Pouches in a variety of colours and styles are readily accessible on the market.

Decorative flowers and bows for your trousseau pail

You may use various ornamental objects like ribbons, flowers, gems, and so on to wrap and decorate your saree. This is a basic yet successful DIY since it requires little effort but yields an unusual and satisfying result. All you have to do is tie colorful ribbons around the plastic-wrapped saree and adhere trousseau flowers.

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