How to Make Saree Pallu Pleats?

How to Make Saree Pallu Pleats

The saree is a versatile fabric that embodies India’s real heritage and culture. Women all over the world adore the centuries-old dress today. Sarees aren’t just for Indians; they’ve had a huge impact on many other communities around the world.

Since a saree is the one dress that gives women a sense of beauty, sophistication, and comfort, this is self-evident.

Hand-pleated perfect pleats

Pleats before draping:

If you’re going to wear a cotton or silk saree, pleating could end up being a major mess later. Pleats should be made ahead of time in this situation. The key is to make the pleats first and then properly align them. The next phase is to iron them. 

They should be ironed properly so that they form pleats and don’t get ruined when you’re draping the saree. If you’re wearing a saree to a classical dance performance or a formal gathering, this is ideal. This way, you can comfortably drape a saree without the assistance of anyone.

Make pleats while draping:

Usually, pleats are made while draping the saree. If you are not a pro, then you will need assistance from someone for making pleats. You can make pleats using your hands and while you are making them, you can secure them using your fingers.

Wrap it around your finger at a span distance and make one pleat. You’ll use another finger for the next pleat and repeat the process until you’ve made 4 or 5 pleats. When you’ve finished, take the fingers out of the pleats and cover them with safety pins before tucking them in. You may also enlist the help of another person while pleating so that you can concentrate on making pleats while the other person handles the holding.

Pleats with a magnetic pleat maker

Wearing a petticoat and wrapping a saree around it to complete one round around your waist is the first move. To begin, place the black plate of the magnetic pleat creator into your petticoat. Ascertain that it is in place.

Create the remaining 4 or 5 pleats in the same manner, pulling the pleat maker’s tabs as you go. When you’re through with one pleat, you’re able to start with the next. When the pleat maker is securing the pleats in order, make sure they are perfectly aligned.

Remove: Remove the pleat builder and cover the pleats with clips or safety pins from top to bottom before removing it. You can now take the magnetic pleat builder out of the way.

Tuck: Take the pleated strips behind your back while retaining the completely secured pallu to set the pallu in the perfect style. Once one end of the pallu is adjusted on the left shoulder, attach it with a clip to the blouse.

Now bring the leftover saree to the front end and put the pleat maker again to make front pleats using its tabs. Make pleats of the remaining saree following the same technique as described earlier. Secure pleats with the clips and tuck them into the petticoat. You are ready with even and flawless pleats and a well-draped sari.

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