How to Make Western Dress from Saree?

How to Make Western Dress from Saree

You admire your mother’s sense of style when it comes to her saree collection and can’t wait to wear them during a family gathering, right? What if we told you that you could ask your mother whether you may recycle some of her sarees and wear them in a way that neither of you had imagined?

Except for the ancestral saree, consider yourself lucky if she agrees to give you a couple of her favorites. And now that you have them, consider the following imaginative ideas! You’re going to ace these outfits!

1. Put on a nice dress

Dress up in a gown and own the style like no one else. For a simpleton style, choose a plain saree with a big border or just a plain saree without the border. The length of the dress is entirely up to you; choose between a knee-length or a maxi dress. In either case, the end product will be magnificent!

2. Short kurtas and shirts are fashionable

If you still have remnants of your mother’s saree, you may simply turn it into a short kurta or crop top. On every joyful day, pair it with flared silk trousers or a skirt and urge others to try something new!

3. Trousers with style

Trousers are a great alternative to skirts and suits if you don’t want to wear them. Regardless matter whether the saree is basic or has elaborate features, you may wear it with basic shirts. Put on a pair of stilettos and watch your style score skyrocket!

4. Top with a cropped cut

When east meets west, this is what occurs. If you want to pay homage to your mother’s saree while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic, this is a brilliant idea.

5. Punk palazzo

Find a basic silk saree and have it turned into a palazzo! Combine it with a crop top and you’ll be the next huge style icon among your friends and family!

6. A stunning skirt

Because you’ll still be wrapping yourself with yards of it without losing much, this will do minimal harm to your saree! Isn’t this going to make your mum the happiest?

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