How to Remove Colour from Saree?

How to Remove Colour from Saree

The easiest approach to maintain your garments stain-free is to avoid having them ruined in the first place. However, some stains, such as colour, perspiration, perfume, and make-up, are unavoidable.

Continue reading to learn how to remove the colour from the saree. The process for treatment differs depending on the fabric type. You should be cautious with the laundry products you use.

If you’re utilising a product for the first time, do a little test on a tiny part of your clothing to be sure there aren’t any negative reactions.

How to Get Rid of Colour Stains on Saree?

It’s crucial not to panic if you notice a colour on your saree. The colour on your apparel can be removed. Follow the instructions outlined in this article.

A tub filled with cold water is required. Bleach, Vinegar and colour catcher is also needed.

Method 1- For Silk and Satin Sarees

Step 1 – Pre-treat the stain first

Pre-treat the stain before washing. Wet the soiled area of the garment and apply 3-4 drops of liquid detergent. For 1-2 minutes, rub it lightly with your finger. Remove with ordinary water. This step will help the stain removal procedure go smoothly.

Step 2 – Clean the Clothes

Separate the contaminated article of clothing from the rest of the load now. Repeat the mild wash cycle with a good washing detergent. If you want to wash your clothing in a washing machine, Surf Excel Matic Liquid is a specifically prepared liquid for washing machines that are widely accessible.

Step 3 – Examine the Area to See if the Stain Has Disappeared

Examine your clothes thoroughly to check if the colour spots have vanished. If not, as described in Step 3, you may need to apply a laundry booster such as vinegar or lime juice.

Step 4 – Vinegar Soak

Fill a tub halfway with cold water and 1 cup of vinegar. Soak your garments for 20-40 minutes in the solution. Now, use your laundry detergent to rewash your garments.

Step 5 – Launder the Clothes

Now you may wash your clothes as usual. Silks should be washed by hand since they require special care. You can use the ‘silk’ option if your washing machine has one. Remember to read the washing instructions on the label to determine the proper washing procedure.

Step 6 – Hang the garment to dry

After washing the item, hang it to dry in the shade. It should be properly stored.

Method 2 – Applicable for Cotton, Georgette, and Chiffon Sarees

Step 1 – Get rid of the stain

Pour 3-4 drops of liquid detergent directly on the colour to eliminate it. Using your fingertips, rub its stain into the cloth. Allow 10-15 minutes for it to settle.

Step 2 – Get Rid of the Stain

To remove the stain, hold the discoloured area under cold running water. If necessary, repeat step 1.

Step 3 – Let the Garment Soak

Make a solution with 12 buckets of warm water, 1 cup of white vinegar, and 1-2 teaspoons of detergent if the stain is obstinate. Place your clothes in it and soak them for 40 to 50 minutes.

Step 4 – Launder the Saree

Place your item in the washing machine and begin the cycle. Remember not to mix white and dark-coloured clothing in the same bag. To determine the proper washing procedure, look at the wash care label on your item.

Step 5 – Hang the Garment to Dry

After washing the item, hang it to dry in the shade. It should be properly stored.

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