How to Shrink your Clothes?

how to shrink your clothes Indian Clothing Store

Some people try different techniques to avoid shrinking their clothes. At times,  it comes in handy. Are you trying to take a fashionable look or experimenting with some old clothes? If you are, I would recommend you to learn this process. So, without further ado, let us set the ball rolling. 

1. Find out the type of the fabric

All the fabrics do not take the same amount of type to shrink. For instance, some fabrics like cotton, wool, or silk are easier to shrink than nylon or polyester. Besides the material they are made of, the time taken to manufacture them is a crucial parameter to determine the time taken to shrink the fabric.

2.Choose the correct technique to shrink

There are multiple techniques to shrink a shirt because different fabrics require different methods to shrink. For instance, a cotton T-shirt shrinks moderately when put inside a washing machine, but on the other hand, a woolen sweater becomes smaller in size that it cannot be used any longer. So, choose the method very wisely.

3.Turn up the heat

Is there a specific method to shrink your clothes? Yes, this is true. Despite stating the fact that every type of fabric requires undergoing a different process, heat shrinks most of the fabrics, if not all of them. 

4. Don’t hurry up, Go Slow.

While you may be in a hurry to shrink your clothes, it’s crucial to remember that shrinking is not an instantaneous process. 

Clothing and fabrics can shrink too much if you’re not careful, so be sure to take your time and monitor your piece to make sure it’s shrinking at a slower pace.  If you’re using your washer and dryer to shrink clothes, be sure to check on your garment after time intervals. This is especially true when using a high heat dryer cycle. As a general rule, you should remove your garment every five minutes or ensure that everything is on track. 

Once you shrink your clothes to your desired size, remove them from the heat and hang them up to air dry. If the item is dripping wet, lay it on a towel, roll it up, then gently press but avoid squeezing the garment. After doing so, hang the item up in a co place away from sunlight so that the garment doesn’t shrink further.

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