How to Wear a Saree in Pregnancy?

How to Wear a Saree in Pregnancy

This may be the final life path of all married women who are faced with the verdict of a belly bump, and therefore putting on a lot of weight. For some, excitement is overwhelming for a while until the belly begins to exhibit all the appropriate indications of development, and then comes the very tricky problem of what to dress when the abdomen begins to exhibit such a bulge.

How can one begin to reconsider wearing a saree, or is there no other alternative except to start wearing more “appropriate” clothing? What about the women who like the nine yards of beautiful weaves that serve as soul therapy?

Comfort is arguably the most essential part of taking it easy during pregnancy, and it is vital not just for the soon-to-be mother, but also for the baby’s health. Thus, the illusion that the petticoat would not be too tight on the belly or that one should not show the belly or the continual dread of tripping over the saree are the most common worries while wearing a saree during pregnancy.

While the bulk of these concerns are unfounded, women in the past were able to get by without the new maternity apparel. It’s accepting the reality that exposing your tummy and weight is as natural as breathing and wearing a saree, and shouldn’t be avoided if it’s something you’re comfortable with.

Keep things simple

Yes, choosing the correct fabric for the saree you want to wear is the most important duty; stick to cool cottons and textiles that breathe well. Avoid synthetics and any fabric that tends to tangle in your legs, such as crepes and synthetics. You’ll feel more calm in its folds if the fabric is lighter and more airy.

Make an effort not to hide your weight

Most women go covert, especially when the second trimester comes to a close and the weight starts to show. It’s vital to feel comfortable in your own skin, therefore try not to show it. You will acquire weight in your bosom, back, hips, waist, and neck; the easiest approach to counteract this is to wear loose, breezy sarees and blouses that will cover the majority of your body.

Tying a saree around the waist

Avoid wearing a tight string around your waist and instead, go for an elastic band that is somewhat broad but not too tight. This will make it easier for you to tuck your saree in while also preventing unattractive stains.

Caution while pleading

Remember that the pleats must travel over the bump and should not finish above the ankle while hanging your saree. If you maintain it at the same length as before, it will be too short if the bump is not taken into account.

Gujarati fashion

The youngster who, once again, may be used to hide the tummy with ease using the pallu. As you can see in the photo below, Aishwarya managed to pull off the most prestigious of international events while wearing a saree.

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