How to Wear a Saree?

How to Wear a Saree by Indian Clothing Stores

We know how much you adore sarees! This article is about useful saree-wearing tips in addition to different saree-wearing types that you may want to try!

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Wear a Saree

1. Keep the equipment

Before you begin wearing a saree, make sure you have anything you need: safety pins, accessories, petticoat, boots (preferably heels), blouse, and, of course, the saree. These little details become crucial when learning how to wear a saree properly.

2. Put on the blouse and petticoat

When you have it all, begin by putting on your blouse and petticoat. This is one of the most important saree-wearing tips to remember. If your saree is lace, raw cotton, or sheer, make sure your petticoat or underskirt suits the colour of your saree. You might even add a glitter petticoat to your saree for a more glam look.

3. Tie the petticoat tightly

We’ve arrived at the third stage in the saree-wearing process. Once you’ve got your petticoat on, tie it tightly so your saree will be tucked into the skirt, and you don’t want to be in a tight spot trying to change it if your skirt is loose.

Put on your heels. Determine the saree’s fall and, starting at the opposite end, begin to curl it around the waist, gradually tucking it into the petticoat. Maintain the proper length so that the saree does not get caught under your shoes.

4. Make pleats

Until you’ve twisted it once and tucked it in, start making pleats with your thumb and forefinger, one at a time, with the extra cloth. How do you wear a saree with pleats neatly? Gather as many pleats as possible without disrupting the saree’s tucking, and tuck them neatly into the petticoat on the right side of your navel.

5. Ensure that the pleats are smooth

If you’ve got your pleats in order, make sure they’re even and smooth. Tip: If you’re unsure how to wear a saree with pleats neatly, simply pin them together and they won’t move.

6. Set the pallu

Twist the saree around your waist again from left to right with the remaining length. When the saree crosses your front, drape it over your shoulder and change the pallu’s scale so that it reaches the back of your knee. To save the pallu from falling, protect it with a safety pin on your back.

7. Pleat your pallu

You can pleat your pallu in the same way that you pleated your saree or leave it open to your preference.

8. Apply some lip shade

Put on some lipstick, add some shoes, and style your hair.

9. Get going- you’re all set

That isn’t a move at all! You’re stunning! Your question about how to wear a saree has been answered! We’re certain that these saree-wearing tips will be extremely beneficial to you!

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