How to Wear Saree for Hourglass Shape?

How to Wear Saree for Hourglass Shape

Sari is the archetypal traditional Indian dress, worn by practically every lady with exquisite style and drape. This amazing item of clothes flatters any woman.

Following are some guidelines and suggestions for selecting this Indian traditional woman wear based on your body type and size.

If the upper and bottom half of your body is wide but your central region is tiny in diameter, you have an X-shaped form. This proportion might be as high as 10 out of every 4 women.

Those with an hourglass body shape are the most beautiful women, since having an hourglass figure is something that every woman desires. Why not flaunt those lovely curves you’ve been given? Well, don’t worry about it.

Use georgettes and chiffons to do so gracefully, since they assist to enhance your natural contours. Choose dark-coloured apparel in particular, and pair it with a designer saris long-sleeved blouse.

This will show off your oomph factor while also making you look slimmer and sexier. Dresses with modest embroidery and beadwork, especially gowns and saris, will always make for a fantastic fall for ladies with an hourglass figure.

Indian women with an hourglass figure have a distinct waist and proportional breast and hips. They are naturally curvy and voluptuous, and sarees are their greatest friend. They can wear sarees made of chiffon, net, and georgette. These textiles showcase your natural contours while complementing them. Dark-coloured sarees with exquisite embroidered work are suitable for hourglass-shaped bodies.

You may also go for a blouse with criss-cross strings to elevate your overall look. Heavy decorations should be avoided at all costs. Also, don’t go overboard with the drapery around your bodice.

Sarees are the closest buddy of the female who has a proportional bust and hips and a thinner waist. Choose a fabric that emphasises your waist but is dark in colour to keep the rest of your curves understated. You may use chiffons, georgette, or silks, as long as the drapes around the bodice aren’t too ornate.

We’re sure you’ll appear sexy in any fabric. You may choose from chiffon, net, georgette, silk, and crepe, and you’ll be sure to show off your contours. Darker colours with embroidered borders are recommended, and pleated pallu is recommended if you want to show off your cummerbund.

You can look sexier by draping in the Nivi style. Wear light makeup, a bun in your hair, and high heels to dress up your bathroom.

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