How to Wear Saree if you are Thin?

How to Wear Saree if you are Thin

The saree might be the most figure-flattering dress you’ll ever wear if you know how to drape it properly. Trust us when we say that this classic Indian attire may reveal curves you didn’t know you possessed. You only need a few skinny girl saree pointers to get started! Check out these saree draping methods for slim ladies that you should try out right now.

1. Stay away from tight materials

First and foremost, you must choose a fabric that flatters your body. Fluid silks, tissue, and cotton sarees are perfect for thin ladies since they do not cling to the body but rather create curves and add volume in all the right areas.

2. Take a color-blocking approach

Remember that bright is great when it comes to colour. Colour block sarees in bright colours like pink, yellow, or turquoise are ideal. If done correctly, they provide the appearance of volume.

3. Get rid of the borders and replace them with prints!

For slim forms, broad, ornate borders are usually a no-no. Make up for it with a colourful pattern. Petite ladies should choose for smaller, more delicate patterns or embroidered butis, while taller ladies can wear bolder designs.

4. Blouses with a high neckline look great

The all-important saree blouse comes next. Choose a shirt with a high collar and exquisite all-over embroidery. You might also go for a blouse that has slightly puffed sleeves. Tube tops and wide-necked blouses simply draw attention to a petite breast.

In addition, while we’re on the subject of blouses, built-in padding is a smart notion.

5. Drapes with a low waist emphasize your contours

To highlight the curvature of your hips, drape the saree slightly lower than usual. Also, don’t conceal your physique with a sloppy pallu. Pleat and pin it at the shoulder instead. The lehenga saree is very flattering for slimmer ladies.

6. Opt for a kamarband instead of a traditional necklace

A kamarband is an excellent technique to emphasise a slim waist. Instead of anything excessively big, opt for something basic and slimline. If you’re going to a daytime function, an oxidised silver kamarband might be great.

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