How to Wear Saree in Kerala Style?

How to Wear Saree in Kerala Style by Indian Clothing Stores

1. Draping of Lungi Style Mundum Neriyathum Kerala Saree

You will have to take a lower part from the end of the edge. Also, fold it over your waistline to ensure that the golden border is at the level of your belly point. It goes around from right to left.

 Then you will have to start from the centre of your belly point to ensure that the golden border of the saree ends at your centre belly point and fold it with similar 1-2 creases over there and tuck it in. You will have to start with the smaller part.

You need to take the upper portion of the fabric and secure it with the safety pins. Also, pin it behind your shoulder. Pull the remainder of the texture from your right front to around your waistline till the left side.

Give 1-2 Pleat and fold it with the help of a security pin into your underskirt. Fold your pullu and then you will have to pleat it with a blouse and set your pullu. Finish your look by putting the same gajra over your head.

2. Draping Undum Neriyathum Kerala saree without the lungi style

You will need to tuck it in your underskirt, from right to left around your waistline. Then you will have to drape it around your waistline from the back of your waistline on the left side and tuck it in the centre.

And afterwards mark your pullu part from where to begin it. At that point give 4-5 plates of the remaining part at the middle front and then tuck it in the centre. When Your skirt part is done then you should immediately start with the pallu part.

Give pleats to the entire fabric and secure it with the safety pin. Also, keep it on your shoulder from right to left.

3. Wearing Kerala Kasavu Saree

You need to start by tucking the saree beginging from the right side of the petticoat and make a total turn from right to left. Tuck the fabric around the waist into the underskirt. You will have to pleat the additional fabric by holding it between your index and middle fingers.

Make six to eight pleats and afterward tuck them conveniently inside the petticoat directly underneath your navel. Wrap the remaining saree round from right towards left.

Pleat the pallu flawlessly, carry it under your right arm in order to place it on your left side shoulder. The end of the pallu should fall underneath your knees.

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