How to Wear Saree Like Actress?

How to Wear Saree Like Actress by Indian Clothing Stores

Beautiful designer sarees have been worn by Bollywood stars on the film and stage on many occasions. After seeing the elements of saree design that these stars show around the world, every woman wants to look like a Bollywood celebrity.

A unique pattern, saree draping style, and dazzling jewellery and accessories can bring out every emotion in a woman’s face.

To wear a saree like a Bollywood star, you must abandon traditional fashion and designs in favour of something more trendy. Once you’ve prepared your attitude, you should look at the different models used by the actors and choose the one that most appeals to you. Wearing a Bollywood-style saree on your most important days will not only make you feel unique, but it will also make you look it.

Have you ever asked how these celebrities tend to look so different in typical Indian attire? How do Bollywood stars manage to look so beautiful and attractive even when dressed in typical Indian garb?

It’s not difficult to add a little glitz to your life. A designer saree will pull off all the tricks for all of life’s special occasions and activities. The saree you pick will determine your entire look.

A good saree is the most important aspect of dressing like a Bollywood star because it requires sharp eyes and proper visualisation of the look you want to have for the case. If you’re uncertain, consider purchasing a saree online – this specific website has a helpful live chat feature that will assist you in selecting the correct one!

1. The Material

Choose a saree made of chiffon, net, tissue, or georgette instead of regular fabrics like silk or cotton. These fabrics are commonly used in party wear sarees, and they can improve your overall appearance.

2. Choosing the best saree petticoat and blouse

The blouse and petticoat, as well as the saree itself, must be in keeping with the theme of the ceremony. Embroideries with a lot of detail should be avoided! Wear a blouse and petticoat with delicate work and tiny enticing patterns. To look enticing, rather than just revealing the back of a backless blouse, choose a blouse with soft embroidery.

3. Draping a Saree is an Art in and of Itself

The next move in dressing like a Bollywood star is to find a saree drapery pattern – there are over 80 documented ways to drape a saree. This is a critical point. You should dress like Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif, with a smaller “pallu” that will allow you to show off your curves. Avoid draping the saree in your everyday clothes.

Avoid draping the saree in your oh-so-regular style; instead, opt for something more fashionable. Ghagra, skirt, and gown designs are fashionable these days when wearing a saree to add glamour to your appearance. This will instil a sense of creativity in you, and you will be stumped as to what to do with all the publicity.

It’s also the accessories that make a difference!

Last but not least, finding the best items such as bangles, earrings, dresses, perfume, and jewellery is crucial. Even, to look the best at the case, get a new hairstyle.

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