How to Wear Waist Belt on Saree?

How to Wear Waist Belt on Saree

Sarees may be styled in a variety of ways. This is the main reason why even modern ladies prefer to wear sarees to the majority of formal occasions. Styling sarees with a belt is one of the most popular trends among modern ladies. Women can choose from a variety of belts depending on the occasion, such as studded jewelled belts for traditional events such as festivals or weddings.

For a celebration, use a golden sparkly belt to give your saree some form in the centre of the waist. You may also drape your saree in a variety of styles before adding definition to the overall design with a belt. Make sure you buy a gorgeous belt the next time you go shopping so you can customise your basic saree with it.

If you’re seeking for ideas on how to wear sarees with belts, check out a few fashion bloggers on Instagram that are always giving huge saree aspirations. Check out the photos below of a few renowned fashion influencers who have wonderfully dressed their sarees with various sorts of belts.

1. Bold Buckle Appearance

Create a monochromatic ensemble and let the striking buckle speak for itself. Allow the pallu to fall to produce a stylish effect that will also make your waist appear smaller.

2. Belt That Makes a Statement

If you have a wide belt that you no longer use, utilise it to create this stunning appearance. You’ll turn attention if you wear it with a multi-color saree.

3. Look in Monochrome

For all the right reasons, the monotone trend is here to stay! Wear a matching colour belt to complete your Indo-western look and be the centre of attention.

4. Corset Belt

Corset belts are a thing of beauty! They have the ability to make you appear in shape in no time. To add a twist to your desi style, use a patterned corset belt.

5. A White Belt in High Fashion

White is a versatile colour that goes well with just about anything. Wear a patterned saree with a high-fashion belt if you’re wearing one.

6. A Belt with a Solid Shade

Add a solid shade belt to your monotonous ensemble if you want to add a bit more excitement. This is a quick and easy method to boost an appearance.

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