Ways To Remove Blood Stains From Your Clothes

Ways To Remove Blood Stains From Your Clothes Indian Closing Store

Are you someone who gets injured very often? If not, are you among those women who have bloodstains on their pants during their periods? If yes, are you looking for ways to get rid of those stains? If you are, I am going to make that task a tad bit simpler for you. How? By, showing you a couple of ways to remove the bloodstains out of your clothes. So,  without further ado, let’s set the ball rolling.

1. Pour cold water on lightweight clothes

If you want to get rid of the stain on any of the lightweight clothes (like sheets, undergarments, or PJ bottoms)first hold them firmly and then pour cold water. You will be amazed after looking at the outcome. So, you can get rid of the bloodstains on your lightweight garments within a couple of minutes.

2. Use blood-removal products

If you are dealing with bloodstains regularly, start using laundry products. Oxygenated bleaches and enzymatic cleaners are the best products that can be used to remove blood stains. Residual blood stains can be treated by whichever soap you have at your place; hand soap-both liquid and bar will work, as well as liquid laundry detergent or laundry bar, will also work wonders.

3. Rub Salt or Salt solution on the bloodstain 

Have you faced any such situation where you did not have the laundry products for removing the bloodstains? If yes, were you able to get rid of those stains? If not, let me give you an alternative to laundry products. So, if god forbid, such a situation arises again you don’t face difficulty in removing the stain. So, if you don’t have any of the laundry products around you, just rub salt or salt solution on the stained portion. 

4. Apply Lemon juice to the bloodstain.

 If you have a stain that is difficult to remove, just rub lemon juice on it. But, here’s the catch, you can only rub the lemon juice on light-colored clothes because rubbing lemon juice on dark-colored clothes can lead to color loss.

5. Usage of Saliva

If you don’t have anything around you, use your saliva to get rid of the stain. Sounds gross, right? But this can save you from getting embarrassed in front of people. Just try this technique once, it works wonders.

6. Soak and blot jeans to get rid of bloodstains.

If you want to get rid of blood stains on your jeans, the approach is slightly different. As the fabric of jeans is thick, start blotting the stain from inside. Soak the cloth that you are using for washing the clothes in cold water (avoid using hot water), wring it out, and bloat away. Don’t rub the stain, as it will spread the blood. Keep on blotting till the blood comes out of the jeans. After that, soak your jeans in cold water for half an hour and then put them into your washing machine. So, to remove the bloodstain from your pair of jeans you need a couple of hours in hand.

7. As simple as it sounds, treat the stain as soon as possible.

The fresher the bloodstain is, the easier it is to get rid of it. If you come across a bloodstain on any of your clothes, just get rid of it right away. If you are in hurry and have to go somewhere, put the garment in cold water and soak the strain. 

If you want to know more such information about clothes, stay tuned.

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