What to Wear Under Net Saree?

What to Wear Under Net Saree

Are you traditional at heart and want to know how to wear a net saree? If you answered yes, I understand your adoration for sarees. I also know that net sarees have long been a favourite of yours. Net sarees might be difficult to wear and carry at times, but that is only because you are not wearing them properly.

Draping With Jacket 

Wearing a jacket with a saree is a risky decision, but it’s worth it. It’s a look that any woman, regardless of age or body type, can pull off. Layering is made easier with a jacket, which also adds to your style and comfort. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to include it in your winter saree ensemble. This brilliant concept will make you feel powerful, thrilling, classic, and elegant.

Net Saree with Belt for Styling

The saree trend is unquestionably a “Win-Win.” With a saree, wear a belt! This is a terrific idea for curvaceous women since the belt will trim them down. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for a wedding saree since it would make it much simpler for the bride to carry her gown. It’s a great way to accessorise if you want to look beautiful while maintaining your comfort.

Cape and Net Saree

Capes are a terrific way to add some real strength to your outfit without turning into a superwoman. To add an exquisite touch to your outfit, wear your saree in a delicate fabric like a net and place a net cloak over it. For a formal event, an embroidered cape would be the finest choice. The saree with the capes looks fantastic.

What Is The Best Way To Wear A Net Saree?

If not worn appropriately, net sarees can become excessively transparent or see-through for many individuals, and you’d probably never want to wear them in such a situation. Because the net has such a good grip, you can simply combine it with georgette, silk, Banaras, or organza to create an edgy, fashionable, and fashion-forward look.

  • You may use a few pins and utilize them smartly to get the saree tucked in the right locations. Make sure you pin everything up correctly and that the pins are hidden. Use the pins sparingly.
  • Because a net saree is already a hefty garment, don’t go overboard with the accessories and cosmetics.
  • Make sure the petticoat is properly fitted so that the saree is properly tucked in and stays in place.
  • Choose the appropriate cloth for the event. It’s important to remember that net fabric may be utilized in any situation.
  • Select the appropriate blouse. Make sure it’s not too tight or too loose.
  • Avoid wearing flats with a saree; heels are better.
  • Never wear a simple net saree in its entirety. It will ruin your entire appearance.
  • Remember to take your height into account while selecting a print.
  • Always use the most complementary color scheme. 

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